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Amigo Energy Plans Available in Waco, Texas

Truly Fixed Plan

  • Single, simple rate includes all charges
  • 24/36-month fixed rate

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Green Energy Plan

  • Up to 100% renewable-energy credits
  • 24-month fixed rates  

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Nights Free Plan

  • No charges from 9pm – 7am, including TDSP charges
  • 24-month fixed rates

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Are Electric Rates in Dallas on the Rise?

Since 2002, Dallas Electric Rates Have Risen2

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Good question. If we measure from 2002, then yes, rates in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area have risen significantly. But if we measure from 2009 to 2017, then no. 2009 was the year that home energy rates began to slowly decrease from their 15-year high of around 16 cents per kWh.2

But, hey, not so fast—let's take a closer look. Energy rates usually go up and down on both a weekly and monthly basis—leading to sudden rate hikes if your electric company passes those costs to you.3 That's why Amigo Energy offers fixed-rate plans, which help you secure a competitive rate for anywhere from 24 to 48 months.

This Ain’t Our First Rodeo—Let Us Help You

Moving to Dallas?

Moving to Dallas can mean a lot of changes, especially if you’re moving from out of state. You’ll learn to love Texas’ legendary hospitality, close proximity to world-class sports teams like the Dallas Cowboys, and all the cultural and historical landmarks throughout the area. Of course, you’ll also have to adjust to the hottest summer temperatures in the country and the infamous humidity. You can cool down a bit, though, because Texas has deregulated energy and that makes choosing the best energy company a lot easier.

So how does deregulated energy work? Basically, it allows you to choose from multiple electric companies in Dallas, rather than being forced to use the provider chosen by your city government. This means you can shop rates, explore various offers and options, and choose the energy provider that can best meet your energy needs.

Amigo Energy understands the needs of its Texas customers better than most. We know all about those hot, Texas summers and how expensive they can be. That’s why we offer fixed-rate pricing to offset your higher summer usage. We also offer same-day service,1 so you won’t have to sit and wait for a week before you get power in your new home.

And that’s just the beginning. So if you’re moving to Dallas or surrounding areas like Lavon, give us a call today and find out what Amigo Energy can do for you.

Call 888-354-2236 before 2pm CT to start service today.1

Unhappy with your current energy company’s high prices? Tired of dealing with poor customer support and unfriendly staff? Switch to Amigo Energy today and enjoy better pricing and customer service than Direct Energy, TXU Energy, and many more.4

Amigo Energy has been helping customers throughout Texas for over 15 years, so we have a unique understanding of what Dallas residents need from their energy provider. For starters, we offer a number of cost-saving options, including:

We even offer fixed-rate pricing, so you’ll pay the same rate for your power every month—no more guesswork on how summer temperatures may impact your electric bill.

At Amigo Energy, we also pride ourselves on our quality customer service. We make it easy to switch with bilingual service, a convenient online portal, and same-day service if you call before 2pm.1 Unlike many of our competitors, Amigo Energy was awarded a 4-stars from JD Power and Associates for our pricing and customer service.3

So why put up with less than the best? Call now to switch to Amigo Energy!

Amigo Energy FAQ

Green Energy Made Easy

Add JustGreen to any plan and we’ll buy renewable-energy credits equivalent to 100 percent of your energy usage. This helps offset your emissions and supports energy projects like wind and solar farms.

For Dallas residents who worry about the size of their carbon footprint in such a large city, that’s a huge perk. So if you want an electric and lights company that cares about the environment as much as you do, get Amigo Energy today.