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Conserve Energy During The Big Game

The Big Game in Atlanta is cause for celebration, and for many, it’s for the biggest party you’ll host at home all year. Did you know that this year’s venue, the Mercedes Benz Stadium, is ‘most sustainable sports venue in the world’?[1] In fact, it was the first professional sports stadium to achieve LEED Platinum status (the highest possible) from the U.S. Green Building Council. Though you don’t have to be in the stadium to go green for your game day party. During this year’s Super Bowl there will be a 5% drop in the total energy use as you sit inside with your family and friends as opposed to your usual solo Sunday shenanigans, but the energy savings don’t have to end there. Here are our top four ways to conserve energy at home during the big game.

Invite the Neighbors Over

The more people in your home, the warmer it’s going to be naturally. This will mean you can lower the heating a little—just be sure to turn off your lights and heating in the parts of the house you won’t be using! Plus it means that your neighbours won’t be heating their home unnecessarily too, which leads us onto our next tip. If you’re visiting your friends or family, make sure you turn off the heating and unplug electrical appliances. That way you’ll be both saving energy and also reducing the costs of your energy bills.

Watch the Game on a Newer Set

Back at your place—what TV are you going to be watching the big game on? If it’s a much older model, chances are it’s piling dollars onto your electricity bill. Consider upgrading your setup to one of the eco-friendly TVs recommended by the government’s Energy Star.[3] You can also join one of your friends or neighbors for your viewing party instead of springing for a new television.

Don’t Forget to Recycle During Clean Up

Finally, once the game is over and it’s time to clear up, don’t throw everything into one trash bag. Separate out your cans and plastics from food waste and place them in the appropriate bins or containers ready to be recycled or composes. Recycling saves energy invested in creating new resources. And there you have it. Some simple ways you can conserve energy during the big game. Enjoy the game on Sunday safe in the knowledge that you’re doing your best to lower your footprint and cut down on your electricity consumption.

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