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How Millennials Are Changing the Energy World

Born after 1982, millennials tend to have a more progressive outlook towards social, cultural, economic, and religious affairs. In fact, this generational trend has had an impact on all of society, including most major industries—even the residential and commercial electricity industries have been impacted by millennials. But how exactly are millennials taking the energy world by storm? Here are four ways that millennials are changing how we produce and consume energy.

Connecting Online

The days of contacting companies by simply picking up the phone are over. Nowadays, people have several ways of getting in touch: email, text, and social media like Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, in some cases, it might be more convenient for consumers—particularly if they happen to be a part of the millennial generation—to use such digital tools to communicate with their energy service providers. No longer are consumers restricted to just one mode of communication. Companies who provide residential and commercial electricity are not only embracing these additional channels because of the convenience, they also do so because it can facilitate better communication, faster response, and improved experience for their customers. Also, with advanced technology, energy providers can rely on data to improve on certain aspects of their service, such as reporting outages and restoring power. Better-connected technology is a win-win for electric companies and consumers alike.

Sustainability & Efficiency

More than ever before, people are making their energy choices based on their ideals rather than wanting to hunt up the best deal possible. Millennials, with a stronger focus on being eco-friendly, warm up to companies that show a healthy concern about how their activities impact the environment. By extension, millennials tend to favor companies that endorse more ecologically-efficient practices. All things being equal, most millennials would choose alternative or renewable energy sources over traditional fossil fuel consumption. With their focus on better energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly energy, millennials are one of the key driving forces behind the sales and application of ENERGY STAR® devices and appliances, as well as solar panels on residential roofs and commercial buildings.

Embracing Social Responsibility

Energy companies need to show that they are more socially responsible in order to gain millennial business. It’s also about being a part of the communities that they serve. Millennials tend to be more comfortable with companies that feature local sponsorships, participate in community education programs, and contribute to progressive charities.

Redefining the Workforce

With a reputation for nurturing progressive ideals, sociologists believe that millennials transfer their convictions to the workplace. Thus, working in the energy business becomes more than just getting a paycheck and paying the bills—it’s also about helping the world. The challenge for most energy companies will be to harness millennial creativity and idealism in progressive ways like increasing renewable energy production and consumption. As millennials continue to influence how we produce and consume electricity, innovative energy companies, like Amigo Energy, will continue to adapt, providing more ways to connect online, build our communities, and change the way we work for the better. Hopefully, our future will be more environmentally friendly and better connected, thanks in part to the millennial generation.