Choosing Your Texas Commercial Electricity Company|

Choosing Your Texas Commercial Electricity Company

Since energy deregulation in 2002, Texas companies have been able to shop around for better electric rates and enjoy customized plans that better suit their needs. At Amigo Energy, we believe you should be informed as you make a decision about which Texas commercial electricity company to choose. To help you get started, here are five features to look for in your next electric company—and how Amigo Energy stands out from competitors on all five counts.

1. Online Enrollment

Most Texas electricity companies don’t offer same-day online enrollment for small businesses, but you should look for a company that does. Fast online enrollment can help ensure that your growing organization doesn’t have to deal with a lengthy enrollment process when you switch providers. With Amigo Energy, you can sign your small business up for commercial electricity today through our online enrollment portal. Start now by choosing your preferred start date, determining the terms of your contract, and even locking in a fixed rate. And if you’re a larger business, don’t worry—we can get the process started today with one of our customized commercial energy quotes. Why You Should Choose Amigo Energy:
  • Same-day enrollment for small businesses
  • Customized quotes for larger businesses

2. Straight-Forward Billing

As a business owner or manager, you don’t always have time to sit down and critically analyze your commercial electricity bill. The best bill is one that will allow you to easily review electricity usage, check for fees, and make the correct payment. Amigo Energy provides easy-to-read billing statements that managers can look over and pay quickly. There are no complicated calculations to check or decipher. With our straight-forward billing, you’ll be able to accurately foresee energy usage throughout the year and enjoy greater control over your business expenses. Why You Should Choose Amigo Energy:
  • No complicated calculations
  • Easy-to-read billing statements

3. No Hidden Charges

Some Texas energy providers pad their profits with hidden costs and markups, so try to avoid those companies. Instead, look for a provider that offers clear, upfront pricing. You’ll also want to ensure your provider is open about the fees that come from the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP)—the company that maintains the power lines and meters that your power runs through. At Amigo Energy, we help our customers save money by passing TDSP fees on without any markups. By being transparent and fair about TDSP charges and other cost breakdowns, Amigo Energy can help you accurately plan for the cost of these tariffs and anticipate your month-to-month electric expenses. Why You Should Choose Amigo Energy:
  • No TDSP fee markups
  • No hidden charges

4. Competitive, Fixed Rates

Many companies offer attractive teaser rates for commercial customers who open new accounts. The problem is that those teaser rates don’t last. In fact, they can increase drastically after the introductory period ends. And, beyond company-induced price hikes, electric rates in the United States are expected to rise by 3% by the end of 2017. Amigo Energy offers competitive, fixed rates for electricity supply from six to thirty-six months. That’s right—your business can take advantage of our fixed rates today, ensuring that your monthly electric payment bucks projected national trends and remains stable for the foreseeable future. Why You Should Choose Amigo Energy:
    • No surprise price hikes
    • Fixed rates available from six to thirty-six months

    5. Superior Customer Service

    It’s always important to work with a company that cares about its customers. As you’ll be relying on your electricity provider to power your business, it’s important that you’re able to get reliable support when needed. At Amigo Energy, we’re passionate about giving our commercial customers a high-quality experience, and we’ve got a four-star rating from Electric Choice for customer service to prove it. We take care of our customers by providing up-to-date contact information and outlining energy-saving tips on our blog. Not only that, but Amigo Energy customers can also access their accounts 24/7 by using our online portal, My Amigo. Why You Should Choose Amigo Energy:
          • Energy-saving tips
          • Online account access 24/7
    As your business plans for the future, remember that you can learn how to reduce energy consumption and eliminate hassle by choosing the right electricity company. During your search, look for the above features in any potential provider. And while you’re at it, check out Amigo Energy to see if our commercial electricity service is right for you.